En Route to the NGS

It’s early in Week Two, high time to get to the National Galleries of Scotland. And to get to one of the National Galleries of Scotland, we walked an indirect route. Lucky us!

Over the Dean Bridge (from “dene” meaning “deep valley”), which spans the Water of Leith, and back, taking in expansive views, such as you see above.

And how about this elegant streetlamp? (There’s not just the one, by the way.)


Where to start with the buildings? Bell’s Brae Toll House has incredibly wee windows, sundials, and intact gargoyles at the highest point–the chimney, natch.


And this feature, which includes a quote from the Bible, sheaves of wheat, the Sun, scales, etc.

The date? 1619.


Not a bad detour on the way to the Gallery. We’ll get there soon…


3 thoughts on “En Route to the NGS

  1. .. amazing blue skies in all your shots !
    The more I see of the architecture in your new home away from home I understand how it really matches with your DNA,
    But where are the inhabitants — is this really a stage set somewhere?


    1. The sky might be the most captivating feature. It is ever-changing, and has often been blue during our time here. We’ll throw in some grey no and then, though. And the people we’ve encountered! Cheerful and talkative, curious and helpful. Since neither of us is terribly handy with a camera, we aim to be discreet with the shutterbugging–not that easy when we’re ooo-ing and ahh-ing!

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