Our Second Saturday

After a fairly quiet Friday evening (I’m looking at you Rose Street) and nearly worn-off jetlag, we struck out to National Gallery Scotland Modern One, which is across the road from the Modern Two. We walked a different route this time and saw some rugby fans in blue afro wigs (in support of Italy — huh.) On view indoors, 20th Century: Masterpieces of Scottish and European Art (the link includes room by room looks). Here’s an inside-looking-out view of a work by Charles Jencks, an American artist who now lives in Scotland — huh. image Then we experienced it ourselves. Found two paintbrushes on the lawn, which is litter that E can get her mind around (almost). image image Afterward, we walked along the Water of Leith Walkway back to our second temporary neighborhood, through Dean Village, past many rugby fans headed in the opposite direction, to the match at Murrayfield Stadium. (The crowd was audible from the  lawn with the Jencks sculpture!) image So scenic! image   image image image Before heading back to our flat, it was cakes and coffee at the Edinburgh Larder. Apple cake on the left, carrot, the right. Contented diners out of view. image


2 thoughts on “Our Second Saturday

  1. One of Lynne’s favorite words is “cake”. She shouted it out with joy when I showed her your picture. Stunning Edinburgh scenics? Meh.


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