March Marches On

This evening our flat is feeling just couthy*. The image above is the view from our apt. at about 5:30pm, when that incredible dark cloud moved into hovering position; and then–how it rained! And rained. And rained… Earlier today, before the weather turned awful dreich**, we briefly toured a gym about a mile from home. Afterward, in search of a coffee, we happened upon this: image The missing pieces? We’ll own up to just the one (we shared). After all, we’d just come from touring a gym. image Not a bad view from Valvona & Crolla in Jenners (sometimes known as Jenner’s). That’s the Scott Monument (as in Sir Walter) in the foreground, Old Town in the distance, and newly spruced up garden beds along Princes Street. image Daylight saving time hasn’t happened here yet (not ’til the 29th) and Mother’s Day is this Sunday. It can leave ye feeling aff yer heid***. *comfortable and snug **wet, dismal ***off your head


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