Very Modern Scots

We experienced a cumberbrush today. You’re asking, “What’s that?”

It’s when you just miss being in the same place as Benedict Cumberbatch.

Now, we’ve been in Edinburgh for three weeks; and we’ve been to Earthy at least half a dozen times (for groceries, not just cakes!). And today we tried something new.

This afternoon we opted to try a neighborhood café called Bluebird. While/Whilst enjoying coffee-nae-cake, three young men entered; they were positively giddy. You’re asking, “Why’s that?”

Well, they didn’t experience a cumberbrush today. They spotted the fellow himself, just about two blocks away–at Earthy! The photographic evidence, Sherlock, was on the mobile device of one of the three young men.

The lesson: Never pass on coffee and cake at Earthy. NEVER.


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