Read Ony* Good Books Lately?

One of the goals of this sabbatical — for the self-employed, independent writer in this scenario, namely — was time to read for pleasure. And so, based on a good lead (a gift certificate, actually), we recently made our first visit to Armchair Books.

image courtesy Armchair Books’ website, which you must visit right away unless you are allergic to dry wit

R tracked down The 39 Steps, published in 1915; E managed to find a copy of a slim volume that our Cuckoo Flat hosts had left for their guests’ reference, called Scots Dictionary, 2007 ed., originally published in 1995. Also this visit, Our First Rankin, 2003’s A Question of Blood.

We’ll trade off the Rankin and the Steps by Sunday..hang on a tick…what’s this? Ah! A fresh-from-the-armchair critical review, uttered minutes ago as R finished the century-old title: “It was fun, but the Hitchcock film is much better.”

It doesn’t get much more sabbatically than this, people.

*Any, but that was an easy one


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