Month Two

This morning we did some recce* on another PO, this one near Earthy (yay!), where we went the messages** for tonight’s supper. Suffice to say these were pretty basic items; our at-home cooking is about as fancy as our at-home pants*** (and by pants, we mean trousers, otherwise we’d be fancy, indeed!).

Here are some photies from this morning, including the one in the header. We haven’t needed any thistle-removing yet. But we have only been here one month.

Our local (very) waste transfer center. Complete with its own mini-castle!
Along the Water of Leith Walkway, a light fog still lifting.
Who’s foggy now?
We <heart> Bio Cotton message spotted outside Earthy (shocker).
Find the heron in this one? That’s H-E-R-O-N.
No one we know would find this funny.
Allotments (garden plots) in the neighbo(u)rhood.
Wee house. Very wee.

After lunch, it was a hillaversary climb up Calton; today’s the first day of the rest of…blah, blah, blah.

And this evening we expect to thoroughly enjoy the Edinburgh Quartet perform at The Queen’s Hall.

The program(me) is called The First World War and these works, written during the war years, will be performed:

Stravinsky Three Pieces for String Quartet

Elgar String Quartet in E minor Op 83

Bartók String Quartet No 2 Op 17



**everyday shopping



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