New favo(u)rite things

Yesterday we took a dauner* over to the Central Library for a talk about the sea war of WWI given by a pleasant gent from Leith. We paid attention enough, although our ears certainly pricked up at this item: September 1914, a British cruiser with the same maiden/single name as one of us was torpedoed by a German U-boat. History resonates, indeed!

And here are images from the past few days of our history.

The Edinburgh Quartet following last week’s performance at the Queen’s Hall.
Our swither** over which tartan to go with was fleeting: Maple won out and we hope Viv will like it.
Choosing which dessert was easy, too: lemon pudding. This happened at Nom de Plume on Broughton Street.
This, too. It’s their sticky toffee pudding.
The Writers’ Museum.
Another noteworthy Robert! Poet Robert Fergusson’s headstone at Canongate Kirk.
Walnut liqueur from Somerset, by way of Demijohn, a shop that specializes in cask concoctions. See for more about this one, which we have (so far) enjoyed over vanilla ice cream.
Blue potatoes, goat cheese, and spinach fritatta along with greens and a barley salad at the Royal Mile location of the Edinburgh Larder.
How the Larder rolls — deliciously.


* a stroll

** state of indecision


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