Details I

Oops! Headed out for a swift visit to most of the many charity shops in Stockbridge (whisky glasses, breakfast bowls — not whisky-breakfast bowls) to complete our basically fully kitted out kitchen, we left the Water of Leith Walkway one “stop” too soon.

Thus we encountered these details in the architecture along Glenogle Road, in a community called the Stockbridge Colonies, a.k.a. Glenogle Park. These houses were built by the Edinburgh Co-Operative Building Company in the mid-19th century. Here’s an excerpt from the web site ( of the present community:

Above the upper and lower gable-end windows on Kemp, Avondale, Teviotdale, Balmoral and Dunrobin Places are beautifully carved stone plaques depicting the tools of various trades, such as decorator, plasterer, joiner, smith, carter, plumber and slater. Not only were men of these trades employed by the ECBC, they were also represented among its shareholders and first residents.

What these trade plaques signify is the pride the Company took in the fact that it was a worker co-operative. It was founded on the principle that those who worked for the Company would also own shares in it, and any dividend they received on the shares could be put towards the cost of buying one of the houses.

And here’re the photies we snapped, including this one, which you may think hono(u)rs the dentists of the time. Sorry, bad joke.

image image image



For much more information see/read what’s included in the undernoted link, which we credit with the header/featured image. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Details I

  1. What a wonderful tribute to an age when craftsmanship was making a last brave stand against mass industrialization…the maker movement of its day.


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