‘Tis British Summer Time. No, really.

Today was the first full day of British Summer Time; we did our springing ahead overnight Saturday-to-Sunday.

What this means is that the photies you see of us will continue to include scarves and caps and even mittens. Aye, until one gets taken by the wind!

Working with the weather means being flexible. So when Friday afternoon looked like this, we jumped — walked, actually — to Portobello, which is an hour’s walk from our flat.

The beach in Portobello.
E at the seaside, clad in aforementioned scarf and cap.
The Promenade, Portobello.
Pretty park in Porty.
To tan in Porty, please report to Ohio.
When you have a one-eyed cat, you DO pass up a bargain like this.

After sharing a sponge, i. e., cake, and coffees at Butternut Squash, we hoofed it back to our neighbo(u)rhood.

Not before this caught our eye:

image image imageGale force winds’ll mean nothing ava* to this looming monument, which REALLY stands out among the two-stor(e)y homes on the block. In the left corner, you can just tell where the rooftops are. This is the Craigentinny Marbles and since iPad isn’t picking up it, here’s the link for more info. It’s worth it.



* ava = at all


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