Half-watching Prunella Scales and Timothy West on Channel 4’s Great Canal Journeys. They’ve been married 51 years, and despite his making runny scrambled eggs, they seem to be getting along just fine as they cruise along on the Lowland Canals from Edinburgh to Glasgow.

A few weeks ago, we walled along the Union Canal, where the journey begins. The Union closed altogether in 1965 and was summarily neglected — and incredibly littered and polluted; Union Canal, now one of Edinburgh’s best-kept secrets, Mr. West explained.

What you learn before P&T get to the Falkirk Wheel: Ms. Scales is living with dementia. Be back when this program(me) ends…

…And so, Easter Day, give or take an hour, started like this, as viewed from our flat:

image image

And then the morning brought a nearly cloudless sky. We walked along St. Mark’s Path to Warriston Path, making for the Royal Botanic Garden, where Easter was ON. According to the weather report, today was the warmest day in Scotland since Halloween. Believe what you read.

Warriston Path.
Royal Botanic Garden. Where’s the black jacket she’s worn every day since mid-February? Not today!
Extraordinary beech tree with Buchanan–the tartan, that is.
Said beech tree.
From inside Inverleith House, where Raoul de Keyser is on view. Then there’s Edinburgh, with the Castle, far left.

To quote from the didactic at the de Keyser exhibition, then we were off for some “low key domestic realities.” In other words, picking up “the messages” at Tesco aand Earthy, including a wee picnic that included Morangie Brie from the Highlands.


2 thoughts on “

  1. ..hey what gives ?
    ..i thought the film specialist part of the team was on sabbatical
    ..yet every week i read his reviews in “the weekly”
    ..was that the lunar eclipse ?
    ..we are having and enjoying similar weather here


    1. The film critic is still reviewing movies, from over here. Technology! Gotta keep bringing in some cabbage, or bacon, or whatever.

      The solar eclipse was in March – very visible in Scotland.


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