Walking: Tweed Valley

Thursday was a sunny, warmish day. So why not hop a bus to Peebles, a great walking hub in the Borders region of Scotland? The town motto is “CONTRA NANDO INCREMENTUM” or “increase by swimming against the current.”

FullSizeRender (4)

Our motto is, “Don’t start a walk without some cake.” In Latin, that is of course: “Non satus vestri absque crustulam ambula.”


We began walking along the River Tweed, and we quickly moved past ruined castles and newly-born lambs.




FullSizeRender (3)

The trail crosses the river and gains altitude, to afford some views, proximity to pheasants and rooks, and a place to picnic.



Eventually we veered off our route to walk a little of the John Buchan Way, named for the native son and author of THE 39 STEPS. We plan to return in a few weeks to walk the 13-mile path between Peebles and Broughton.



Got possibly, maybe, slightly lost, but we blame it on the weird skinhead types who were standing near a stile. Eventually looped back to Peebles, and visited with the nice gent at the John Buchan Story (a museum on the High Street).


And a reward. I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I like to be sitting in a comfy chair in the lobby of the Tontine Hotel in front of an artwork fashioned out of “felted merino” (locally sourced, presumably).



3 thoughts on “Walking: Tweed Valley

  1. Ok, let’s just get this straight. Your writing is soooo funny. ( I suppose you would nevvver add three extra “o’s” to so.) I adore your writing. I love your writing. i.e…. swimming vs cake… and “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do….” Barrilliant. Actually, often cannot tell if it is an E post or an R post.

    I laugh all the time (when reading your posts). Are you guys getting even more skinny? All that walking? Good thing you are balancing it with all that cake. Carry on.

    Life here…just the same. Still no Indian food. Even without you. Might have to resort to that packaged frozen stuff that they sell at PCC. Coming up on two years and we haven’t accomplished an Indian meal. Hmm. Good thing you got out of town. You now have an excuse.

    I may be the last to know, but I have no idea why you picked Scotland.



    1. Your comment had us laughing, Joanne! Why Scotland? We’ll tell you some time over Indian food soooooooon after we’re back later this year. But the cakes and the walking certainly had something to do with it.


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