Straight Outta East Linton

Six miles of hoofing it from Haddington, and we really didn’t want to miss our bus from East Linton to North Berwick. If nothing else, the ride meant half an hour of sitting.

All we had to do was wait on the correct side of the street for the correct East Lothian bus. Nailed it! The bus stop on the High Street read “Both Sides” and the coach arrived right on schedule.

Hello, North Berwick! First stop: Steampunk Coffee, where they sell these excellent granola bars. And barry* espresso, too.


If this van’s a-rockin’, we’re going cliff-walking.
Just have to get out past the town.
The Bass Rock in the distance. In the foreground, hersel.

The Bass Rock, presently a bird sanctuary, has had a varied history. It’s been a retreat for Early (as in 7th century) Christian hermits and, in the 17th century, a prison. Watch seabirds there now via the Scottish Seabird Centre’s webcam.

Himsel wi’ nae chuckie**!
Hersel considering posting an alternative sign. In the end, no golfers were harmed in the making of this walk.
There’s the Bass Rock, viewed from Canty Bay. Not visible in this photie: swarms of birds round the rock.

Forfochen *** by 5:30, we opted to dine in town for supper before heading back to Edinburgh. And what a delicious meal it was, at Herringbone (est. 2014), starting with a local beer and a delicious craft cocktail called Basil Grande.


Our wait at the North Berwick railway station was lovely, too. Thanks to the good people of North Berwick in Bloom, the station was named best unmanned station in the east of Scotland. Now you know!


*barry or even barrie=very good or very attractive

**chuckie or chuckie stane=a stone or pebble of throwable size

***forfochen or forfochtin=exhausted or worn out


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