Salisbury Snags

Tuesday started with sunny skies and a knock on our door from tradesmen ready to address our flat’s and the building’s snagging list. So we cleared out and made for Holyrood Park and the Salisbury Crags.

(Our building is Very New, as in, it was built last year. A snagging list here = punch list in the States.)

On the periphery of the Palace of Holyrood House is this incredibly wee structure, Queen Mary’s Bath House, built in the 16th century and restored in ’52. 1852.


A timely visit last Friday to the Royal Botanic Garden and its Scottish Heath Garden revealed to us that this severe and yet delicate plant is gorse.

And that further explains why, during last Thursday’s walk along the River Tyne, E was wondering, “WHY do I smell sun tan lotion out here?” It’s the gorse, of course! It smells exactly like coconut oil. The smell — and the sunny sky — evoked a day at the beach, only we were well above sea level.

Just above the Scottish Parliament, the Firth of Forth — sea level — in the background.
Aw! Is this sign warning us about falling rocks not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Gotta run…
You’ve just been panorama-ed.
From our apt., we can see people walking along the Crags. From the Crags today we couldn’t see the joiners and electricians. Humpf.
“WHY do I smell soup?” Guess we were getting hungry.
The Meadows is that green expanse upper-mid photie. The University of Edinburgh is in view, between the Crags and the Meadows.
We clambered off the Crags, across the Meadows, and over to Union of Genius for, what else? Soup. Glorious soup!

What a nice way to spend part of Earth Day Eve, John Muir’s birthday, and the Queen’s birthday, too.


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