Walking: Hermitage of Braid & Blackford Hill

Tuesday: A sunny afternoon. So what do we do? We go see a movie. Not just any movie, mind you. This time it’s Only Angels Have Wings, screening at the Filmhouse.

Haven’t seen the film? Not enough people have. We saw it projected in a sparkling new digital restoration, which was nice. But really, it’s just as cool in an old beat-up 16 mm. print, not that such things exist any more.

E researched an in-town walk beforehand because we knew could devote a few hours to the outdoors before we were expected at a new friend’s home for dinner. Bus 11 took us right where we needed to be, in a local nature reserve doing double duty as a public green space: The Hermitage of Braid & Blackford Hill.


The Burn of Braid was babbling along its way. Here was a serene getaway from the busy street. There is a wonderful garden area near the doocot, and the Visitor Center looked inviting, but had just closed (4:00pm).

Looking up toward an old doocot (dovecot) on the estate, the hillside recently transformed into a walled garden with community plots holding herbs and local plant species.

Upward to Blackford Hill and the Observatory area for lovely views and excellent wind – exhilarating!


That bench overlooking the city looks like a nice place to sit down.


And it’s inscribed with the name of Jean Arthur’s character in Only Angels Have Wings. Coincidence? That’s the Royal Observatory in the distance.



Looking toward Arthur’s Seat and the Salisbury Crags.

The walk finished, we had a delightful dinner, met some new friends, and caught the bus back. It was still light out late, because this is Edinburgh in May. Now how soon until we can watch Only Angels Have Wings again?



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