Walking: North Berwick

News of damp weather postponed plans for walking in the Highlands. But Friday looked good enough for some leg-stretching closer to home, so we opted for a return trip to North Berwick, a half-hour train ride East from Edinburgh.

First priority: Climb the North Berwick Law. However, this would have to wait until after the actual first priority, a re-visit to Steampunk Coffee, with their excellent dark brew and incredible homemade granola bars. (Somehow, this time, we only got a photie of the coffee and some carrot cake.)



With a granola bar like that coursing through one’s system, the trek up North Berwick Law doesn’t seem so daunting. The Law is a volcanic plug that can be easily seen from Edinburgh. It goes 614 feet above sea level, is grazed by wild ponies (they keep invasive plants at bay), and is topped by a fake whale jaw, the real whale jaw having recently rotted away.


For more on the Law, see here. None of which explains this.


It was windy up there, as you see.




It looks like rain, but no. So we trundled back down to North Berwick and ate our pieces (packed sandwiches) on a bench by the beach. Then we walked East, along the John Muir Way, to the village of Dirleton.

We saw a frog along the way.


And a beach. This is a view from Yellowcraigs Beach, looking out to Fidra, the island possibly used by Robert Louis Stevenson as a model for Treasure Island. His family built lighthouses around here. You’d do the same.

photo 1 (4)IMG_1594



There’s North Berwick Law in the background.IMG_1592

Check out all that waving barley (guessing it’s barley rather than wheat), and the path that travels right through it. The wind was rippling over it as though Terrence Malick were directing the scene.


And a domestic scene in Dirleton. They’ve got a big castle there, too.IMG_1607

We then doubled back, if for no other reason than to see the crops waving in the wind again. Some of the barley was mussed with. An animal sleeping place, or evidence of crop circles? You decide.IMG_1622We wrapped our day with a lovely meal at Herringbone and then caught the train back to Edinburgh. We’d say it was a good outing.


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