Walking: Road to Killiecrankie

The weather wasn’t good in the West Highlands for a proposed multi-day walk, so we took a train to Pitlochry – an hour and 45 minutes north of Edinburgh – for a day trip. This walk looks promising: 11 miles, into the hills to the town of Killiecrankie, then back to Pitlochry along the River Garry.

Obviously, after getting into the (adorable) town, we needed to stop for cake. Hettie’s looked like the place.


The round device on the table is not a pill dispenser, but a remote-waitperson-call system. Huh.


Anyway, into the hills. Although we had a map from the Tourist Info office, it is possible we got lost, ever so briefly, a couple of times. The road lifts out of town and through some farms and then toward the impressive peak of Ben Vrackie. Which we would not be climbing. Except it felt like we climbed most of it, because when the guides say you’ll be skirting Ben Vrackie, what they really mean is you’ll be climbing halfway up Ben Vrackie. Anyway:

IMG_1728IMG_1737IMG_1738 IMG_1739IMG_1740

As the ascent continued, some strange effects surfaced. Hair began to stand on end, for instance.


And then we reached the pass. Now we’d wind our way down to Killiecrankie. You can see snow on the Cairngorms in the distance!

IMG_1751 IMG_1754

If you see the sign to Ben Vrackie, do not take it. Because you’ll start going up again.


On the way down, the usual stuff: had lunch, saw sheep, crossed some stiles.

IMG_1764 IMG_1773IMG_1774

Next, a sharp turn at Killiecrankie (where a big battle was fought in 1689), and a walk back along the Garry. And we got more sun at this point, and a great rail bridge.



This next bridge looks innocent enough.


But read the fine print.



Took a break down on the rocks by the river. Then somebody created a big peace symbol by re-arranging some rocks. It was us.

IMG_1809 IMG_1815

Can you see the outline? Well, it’s there, anyway, until the next flood.


Back into Pitlochry, for some Indian food and the late train back.


We leave you with these mysterious signs of animal life from the day. Make of them what you will.

IMG_1818 IMG_1821 IMG_1825




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