Early July

We’re still here! Here’s what’s been happening: R’s sister was in town, we walked a bit, R had a lot of writing to do…and there was much weather to keep track of. We’ll post more shortly. Meanwhile…

Pudding. Of course. This was at Earthy when Mary was visiting. That’s a Cranachan (popular Scottish pudding) on the left, and Berry Glory Sundae on the right.


The weather’s been cool here. (Sorry.) Occasionally there’s rain. And sun. Which can lead to pleasant visuals.


But we did have a hot day somewhere in there, and Mary took a picture of us, just in case you wondered whether we ever got in the same photo.

FullSizeRender (16)

More cake. This from Casa Amiga, on Leith Walk in Edinburgh. Est. 2014, although one presumes these offerings are more recent.

FullSizeRender (15)

And now, a nice car trip (haven’t had one of those in months) thanks to our new friend Marilyn, whose New Zealand friend Tamsin came too. In this good company, we drove to Dunkeld, an hour north of Edinburgh and a totally charming town.

IMG_1891 It’s got the ruin of Dunkeld Cathedral, which has a stunning riverside setting, seen below.


A nice circular path led out of town, along a river, past the odd architectural folly.


It also travels through a farm occupied by this massive chap.


Dunkeld is next to Birnam – which, yes, is the place in Shakespeare’s Scottish play from whence Birnam Wood comes. There’s one oak still around from Shakespeare’s time. So we photographed it.


And another literary association: Dunkeld has a Beatrix Potter center, where kids can (somewhat unnervingly) dress up as characters from the author’s works. Miss Potter spent childhood summers here. They have a nice gift shop, too.


You can see this coming, but there was one more thing to do in Dunkeld before Marilyn drove us all back to Edinburgh.


These sweets were served up at the Corbenic Cafe Shop, which supports a good cause. Admittedly, that was not our only motivation for stopping in.


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