Our Last Days in Edinburgh (this time around!)

Keeping the sabbatical spirit going, we didn’t want to get stressed out or sad about leaving. Or both. But just because we didn’t want to…

Anyway, these days did involve a few errands (returning library books; evaluating what to carry on with, what went to the nearest charity shop, shipping a few parcels back to the U.S.); but we really wanted to make time to get back to places we’ve grown to love. And so:

Good-bye, Scottish National Gallery! This time ’round Jean Etienne Liotard’s incredible pastels and other works were on view.

Good-bye, Royal Mile! We always enjoyed seeing this gentleman out collecting for charity.


Good-bye, National Museum! This time we visited the very old things in the Scottish Galleries, and avoided the giant squid upstairs.


And these quaichs from the late 1600s. A quaich is a drinking cup, which you’d know if you drank more Scotch whisky.IMG_2192

And of course, Jackie Stewart’s car.


Good-bye, Armchair Books! Imagine our surprise finding a Michelin roadmap for our next destination tucked in among your shelves.

Good-bye, City Art Centre! We were glad to visit you again. An impromptu slice of cake accompanied by a bit of jazz is nice but the exhibition Scottish Art: People, Places, Ideas was the real draw. (Although the cake was moreish.)


Good-bye, Water of Leith Walkway! We really took our time along your path en route to Modern One — or was it Two? — where M.C. Escher was on, and liked sharing our terrace table with that German couple. Later, it was hello and good-bye to Bennets Bar; we’ll see you and your snug next time.

At Bennets Bar. (Many establishments are shy of apostrophes.)
Outside at the Modern; the German couple is just on the other side of this cake.
M.C. Escher, a lumbersexual before his time.


Good-bye, lovely folk at The Gardener’s Cottage: the meal, wine, turntable, dining table, service, chef, kitchen, and the garden itself — and even the smoke alarm — it was all delightful. When are Steve Coogan and Rob Bryden doing The Trip to Edinburgh? They must stop here.


Good-bye, good people of the Grassmarket Café Community Project! Experiencing the screening of Ken Loach’s Cathy Come Home (1966) with you is a special memory for us.

Good-bye, National Portrait Gallery! Just going inside your walls was a tonic, and we may have actually made it all the way through Scottish history.

Robert Burns, at the NPG.
Author James Hogg at the NPG, whose Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner we bought at Armchair Books.

Good-bye, Howies (plural!). Our un-rushed lunch was so enjoyable — lovely atmosphere and hospitality.

Good-bye, Broughton Street pub that we will not name. On our penultimate night, we sat for a chat and a tipple with our landlord. (We might now know why over these past five months we saw your “hiring” sign in the window much more than once.)

Good-bye, view through our window! We have photographic proof of summer in Edinburgh. These photies were taken a few minutes apart.


Good-bye, Earthy! We visited you on Day One, a cold, jet-lagged day in mid- February. It seemed only proper to be there on our last day.

Our travels will continue. More soon.


One thought on “Our Last Days in Edinburgh (this time around!)

  1. …good bye Edinburgh and safe travels !
    …i’ve enjoyed your many walks, pints, glasses of wine, and slices of cakes.


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