Gengenbach and Beyond

We chose to spend a night in Gengenbach because it sounded like an echt-Schwarzwald sort of experience. And oh boy, is this town adorable. A picturebook kind of place, with wonderful town gates, main square, and mysterious little alleys leading to storybook houses. Let’s look around.


In towns like this, history is very near the surface. On one house, a plaque serves as a reminder of the deportation and murder of Jewish citizens during the Third Reich.


Time for dinner. The menu at the Winzer Stüble sounded like hearty fare. Was it ever. Check out the Flammkuchen and the Spaetzle with mushrooms.


For some reason it seemed like a good idea to get another beer at an outdoor terrace nearby.


Then a ramble around town became a ramble up above town. A splendid look down into the river valley.


A lovely dusk. Next morning, we hung around town long enough to look at the grounds of the abbey and shop the outdoor market. Got a box of cherries for the road before we left.


Now to cover some ground. We had time for a little walking before we arrive in Tübingen for the evening. The road crossed the Westweg again, so we checked out another section of that long-distance path. Here the German enthusiasm for signage is much on display.


Then it was on to Tübingen. And what a delightful (college-dominated) town it turned out to be.


And again, time for food. More quintessentially German ambiance and flavor at the Wurstküche.


Then, another nice dusk to savor. We walked down to the Neckarinsel (Neckar Island) and through the Plantanenallee, a row of plane trees. The boat drivers were finishing their day ferrying people along the River Neckar.


Very pretty. And one of those places you determine to visit again some day. Tomorrow: We’d drive north to Stuttgart, return the rental car, and take the train to Rotterdam. That sounds easy. It sounds easy.


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