New Amsterdam

E arrived to NYC in the early days of a heatwave, just before Labor Day weekend. From time to time, she had Elvis Costello’s lyrics in mind — a little differently: “New Amsterdam, it’s become much too HOT.” And was it ever hot.

Made more comfortable by her friends’ two air conditioners (and a fan!), there was much fun to be had in NYC. Being reunited with our family cat had something to do with it.

FullSizeRender (2)

Other fun: a record-breaking fast trip to Macy’s for underwear-buying (did we tell you the one where one of us left Seattle back in February with just one pair of underpants?); a visit to MoMA for Yoko Ono’s One Woman Show 1960-71; coffee with a former volunteer (hey, JQ!); watching The Heat; watching a Republican debate; using the gym; walking in the city, yet trying to keep cool.

Like that afternoon in Central Park, which was looking extra lovely, unless that was a heat-induced illusion; it was 102° the day E and a friend were there.

A one-eyed cat braves a suspiciously reflective floor.

photo 3 (1)

Once R joined the fun, with some delicious rhubarb liqueur from Iceland in tow, we…headed to SoHo for Purl and papabubble (where on a hot day you especially appreciate the candy-pulling that’s gone into making your Good Luck Mix); were part of the audience at the 4th episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (good plan, Mister!); visited The Whitney (stunning new space and great exhibition); got to the Village Vanguard for the Bill Charlap Trio (happy anniversary pssp!); visited the 9/11 Memorial…

Looking down at the new Whitney. Find E in this picture.
photo 2 (2)
Walking the High Line.

IMG_5043FullSizeRender (3)

When we weren’t enjoying delicious meals (looking at you, lady) at home, we dined at some of our fave restaurants including Elephant & Castle and Westville. And there were new ones, too: The Park (ooo! KK’s working), Empire Diner (as Dudley Moore in Arthur would say: I love a chicken made at home; the chicken here was clucking good, too), Kashkaval Garden (refreshing elderflower beverage).

Raspberry lemonade at Elephant & Castle.

A hair-raising car-service lift to JFK got us on our way for the trip back to the Left Coast. Once there, we managed to ignore our storage space completely for three days (thanks, Mary!) while we looked for an apt.; then we headed over to work the Port Townsend Film Festival and just enjoy the town for a week.

But before we took the ferry to Port Townsend, we squeezed in one more appointment to view an apartment. What happened after we caught the ferry in an upcoming post.


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