Here. Now. Us.

Here: Seattle, where we’ve been for about 6 weeks. We decided that it made sense to return to (a new apartment in) the same neighborhood we left back in February. It’s not quite the same neighborhood, though: Loads of “progress” happened in the intervening months. Seattle’s traffic challenges are still dragging on, to no one’s surprise.

We found our apartment on our way to the Port Townsend Film Festival, an annual event for us. R did the on-stage interviews for special guests Beau Bridges and Chris Cooper, as well as an event with Marianne Leone Cooper; E was co-manager of one of the festival’s venues. Good people, good food, good vibes. And Cooper even broke some news during his stage appearance.

Photo by Janet Horton!

Now: R’s returned to a full schedule of writing, and he’s been giving some talks on the local scene, and developed a topical new film talk for King Country Library System, too. E’s getting busy at a new job, one she can walk to and from.

Us: The short answer is, we’re still married after many months and miles.

Back in 2011, we made a sabbatical a goal, one we wanted to reach in late 2014, give or take a month or two. We didn’t know what our sabbatical would be but now we know what it was: Loads of fun and good challenges. And plenty of togetherness  — of a different sort than was usual in our busy-ness.

Before we go, we have one question for you: WHERE did all of this stuff come from? Oh, right: Our storage space.


Hope you enjoyed reading the blog, friends. To answer the obvious question, yes, there will be cakes in our future. We’re already cooking up more adventures. See you then, and thanks to everybody for the massive amount of help you gave us.


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